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Experiences of patients

Fysio de Kolk’s Quality Control Programme

Fysio de Kolk’s quality control programme is called QDNA. It is a measurement programme that we use to test your experience with us. We are a PLUSPraktijk (in English, PLUSPractice), this means that we are offering a high standard of care and that we are committed to measuring this kind of data. Your answers allow us to tailor our care even better to your wishes.

If you have been treated by us, or are currently being treated for more than three months, you will receive a survey. We will do our utmost to make sure that the survey is only sent to you once. If you do not wish to participate or if you have questions, please contact us.

Patient rating of the month

January   2023             9,0

February 2023             8,7

March 2023                  9,2

April 2023                     9,4

June 2023                     9,8

July 2023                     9,5

August 2023                9,4

September 2023         8,9

October 2023             9,8

Patient experiences

In this block, patients describe their experiences with our practice. The treatment process is briefly described and the personal experiences are shared.

Patient feedback

FigureComplimentPoint of improvement
Listens well and understands the problemJust carry on
10Customer-oriented friendly
10Excellent treatment
10The physiotherapist was very accommodating and patient.
9treated quickly and effectively
10Clear explanation and effective approach