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Oncological Physiotherapy

One in three people are diagnosed with cancer. If you have to undergo, or have already undergone, cancer treatment, it makes sense to maintain your physical fitness. Even though this may be the last thing you are thinking about. Research has shown that people are able to cope and recover quicker after oncological physiotherapy. 

As specifically trained physiotherapists, we can offer you a tailor-made programme. This consists of a combination of strength, fitness and flexibility training. We also offer advice on how to build up these activities from a very low level. You will be guided in order to gradually rebuilding your daily activities in the home, at work or just to get back to your hobbies. In this way you can work on your physical fitness while remaining active within your own limits.

Oncological physiotherapy has many advantages, both during and after cancer treatment:

Staying fit during cancer treatment: 

  • Maintaining fitness and muscle strength
  • Reducing complaints such as nausea, fatigue or pain
  • Increased tolerance of chemotherapy
  • Lowering the risk of prematurely ending chemotherapy treatment 

Staying fit after cancer treatment:

  • Reducing the pain and limitations that the medical treatment of cancer can cause
  • Learning how to build back up to work activities and hobbies 
  • Learning how to deal with your own body and energy levels 
  • Building fitness and strength

Together we are stronger! As Oncological Physiotherapists we know the effects that cancer treatment can have on you and your body, as well as the limitations you may face afterwards. We will happily help you with this: we will take the time to determine, together with you, which activities you can already get back to and when you need to rest. We work closely with the Mensendieck clinic for sleep and relaxation therapy and with a dietician for nutritional advice.

For Oncological Physiotherapy, you can visit our practice Fysio de Kolk, SMC De Kolk in Oostzaan.

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