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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy plays an important role in the prevention of further injury of everyone who wants to play sports or has a sport as their hobby or profession. Sports Physiotherapy treats and provides information to all patients who want to exercise again after illness or injury.

The sports physiotherapist guides and advises those who want to practice a sport at any level. If necessary, the sports physiotherapist works together with experts in other fields such as podiatrists as well as the orthopaedic departments of hospitals in the region. In practice, the sports physiotherapist also works with other (vulnerable) target groups such as children and the elderly from whom sports and exercise are used as part of their treatment. 

An element of the therapy is also advising on:

  • Choosing and beginning a new sport 
  • Exercising with disabilities or chronic illnesses 
  • Exercising in order to lose weight 
  • Sports shoes and insoles 

A large part of the sports physiotherapist’s daily work consists of the prevention and treatment of injuries.


In Sports Physiotherapy we regularly make use of a technique called ‘taping’. With the aid of medical tape we can give support to (unstable) joints, muscle tension and tendon inflammation. Tape acts as an artificial bandage and gives support. The goal is to limit undesired movements as much as possible while maintaining a normal range of movement. 

We use non-elastic exercise tape and medical tape, depending on the purpose of the treatment.

Injuries to the foot, ankle, knee or shoulders are common. The therapy here is designed not only to focus on the recovery of the affected joints but also to train those parts of the body that are still capable of withstanding strain. 

For complaints such as joint instability or relieve and protect a joint or muscle, we use tape. This can be used in ankle, knee, hand and wrist, elbow, shoulder or ribs. For young people with complaints of pain around and relating to the kneecap, we use a special tape: see the knowledge bank for more information on this.

For Sports Physiotherapy treatment and advice you can visit the following locations: 

  • Fysio de Kolk, SMC De Kolk in Oostzaan
  • Watt Cycling Centre in Amsterdam
  • Fysiomeer in Landsmeer
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