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Weight Loss Therapy

Sufficient exercise is important. It is good for your physical fitness, muscle strength, bone density and stamina. Sufficient exercise also leads to weight control. 

For a minimum of three months, you will exercise twice per week in our gym space. It is possible to continue with the training after the three month period is over. You will begin with an interview with a physiotherapist and a dietician where you will receive advice tailored to your lifestyle 


The exercise groups consist of five people, maximum. 

  • You receive an individual exercise programme from the physiotherapist
  • During these three months, your fat percentage will be measured by the physiotherapist and your body weight and waist size will be recorded by the dietician
  • The dietician will meet with you at least three times (the initial interview and two follow-up consultations). You will receive personal dietary advice and your specific wishes, medical situation and lifestyle will also be discussed.

For both children and adults who wish to control their weight through a combination of dietary advice and exercise

For Weight Loss Therapy and advice you can visit Fysio de Kolk, SMC De Kolk in Oostzaan

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