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Manual Therapy

The goal of Manual Therapy is twofold: To improve joint function and to improve your posture and general movement. To do this, the manual therapist uses a number of specific techniques that are applied directly to your joints. A manual therapist is a qualified physiotherapist who has undertaken extra courses in the field of Manual Therapy. Therefore gaining extra knowledge about the movement range of the body and, in particular, the spine. Thanks to this specialised training, the manual therapist is perfectly suited to assess the causes of your complaints. With these skills, he/she can propose a tailor-made solution for each and every body. 

The effects of manual therapy are often immediately noticeable: you feel an improvement in your range of movement and a decrease in pain. The treatment programme from the manual therapist also consists of instructions, advice, guidance and insight into healthy movement.  

During the treatment, clear video guides that the patient can follow at home in order to effectively support the therapy sessions are frequently used.

If you can’t move a joint well, or if you have pain when doing so, manual therapy can help. Examples of complaints that a manual therapist can treat are: 

  • Head and neck pain in combination with poor spinal movement 
  • Neck and shoulder pain that extends to the arms
  • Lower back pain that may or may not extend to the legs 
  • Upper back pain that may or may not be in combination with rib and chest pain
  • Dizziness when moving the neck 
  • Jaw pain, that may or may not be in combination with neck pain 
  • Hip pain

During your first examination it will become clear whether or not, and if so how, your specific complaint can be remedied. Thus, after your first appointment you will have clarity about your future treatment.

For Manual Therapy you can visit the following locations: 

  • Fysio de Kolk, SMC De Kolk in Oostzaan
  • WattCycling Centre, Amsterdam
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