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Physiotherapy is about moving! The body is the perfect example of a well-tuned machine where every muscle, bone and joint has a function that we have to be able to rely on each and every day. Walking, standing, climbing stairs or picking something up from the ground, these are daily occurrences for most people. But if something in this machine stops working, or begins to hurt, physiotherapy can help. After a thorough examination, we will draw up a treatment plan and discuss it with you. Fysio de Kolk has years of experience full of great results and enthusiasm.

Physiotherapy can help with problems relating to the musculoskeletal system. We can help after a referral from your doctor but it is also possible to contact us directly. The purpose of the treatment is: 

  • Improving function of regions of the body 
  • Optimising functions in those with chronic conditions 
  • Reducing or relieving pain
  • Acting as a link between different treatments 

Consult our website to see our specialisations in the field of physiotherapy.

For physiotherapy treatment and advise you can visit the following locations: 

  • Fysio de Kolk, SMC De Kolk in Oostzaan
  • Watt Cycling Centre in Amsterdam
  • Fysiomeer in Landsmeer
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