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Rehabilitation Therapy

Rehabilitation involves working on recovery after an accident, illness or medical procedure. Fysio de Kolk has facilities and exercise programmes to aid you in this recovery. Under expert guidance you can exercise and make progress on your rehabilitation in small groups. We also offer possibilities for post and pre-operative rehabilitation. Research has shown that if you are well prepared and in good condition prior to an operation, your recovery process will be better.

    • In preparation for an operation 
    • Supervision and recovery after an operation (we follow hospital guidelines)
    • Support during and after the recovery period from a chronic disease
    • For those who wish to exercise more but are not yet able to do so on their own
    • Advice on the use of aids such as sticks, crutches, walkers and others 

    We strive for tailor-made treatment. Even if you participate in a group, a personal plan will be drawn up with you, according to your personal abilities and wishes. That is why you begin rehabilitation therapy with an interview, in which you can make your wishes known. The goal is to get one step further in your recovery within a predefined period and, if possible, begin to move independently in and out of the home and perhaps even onto the sports field.

For Rehabilitation Therapy in small groups and personal advice you can visit us at our location Fysio de Kolk, SMC de Kolk in Oostzaan.

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