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Frits Eggink

“I want to give everyone the intensive care and guidance that I would give a top athlete.”

During my youth, as a rower, I experienced what physiotherapy is. The therapist went to a lot of trouble to explain to me how the body works, how you can take care of it and how you can prevent injuries through the correct training. Party because of this, I was able to row at a high level. 

As a physiotherapist, I want to find the right combination of treatment options for each person. That is the key for the patient to truly improve themselves. This is one of the reasons why the profession is so broad and offers so many possibilities. 

My best experiences are when people can use their bodies again fully and with pleasure to practice (top) sport. For example, I remember a patient who was a ballet dancer with a serious Achilles tendon complaint that meant that high-level dancing was no longer possible. We determined the limitations of the foot and were able to offer targeted treatment. The pain was not immediately relieved but it now only occurred at maximum strain. By giving advice on the strains and different pressures exerted while dancing, she was able to deal with her complaint differently. The final result was that she just started dancing at a high level again.

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All spinal complaints
(Physiotherapeutic) support in high level sports
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