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Fysio de Kolk

Welcome to the website of Fysio de Kolk at the Social Medical Center De Kolk in Oostzaan.
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Welcome to the website of Plus practice Fysio de Kolk at the Social Medical Center De Kolk, in short SMC De Kolk. Our team consists of an enthusiastic group of therapists with many specialties. At SMC De Kolk we work closely with general practitioners, speech therapists, occupational therapists, dietitians, social work and home care. This close cooperation makes it possible to discuss your complaint with the other disciplines after your permission. Based on the latest insights, we make every effort to treat you optimally.

We also maintain a broad network outside SMC De Kolk to ensure that your treatment runs smoothly.

You can contact us with and without a referral from your doctor. We provide advice on your complaint, can do a screening and, depending on the result, schedule a treatment for you.

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Manual Therapy
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Pediatric Physiotherapy
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